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Around Singapore #1

It has always been a dream of mine to set up a black and white photo album of all my street photography and urban shots. Although i do not have nearly enough photos yet to create one, here is some of my favourite shots. I hope this series of photos will inspire some to go out and shoot more often. Before we start, the photo above is one of the Esplanade, which is a famous theatre, and the Singapore River. I love the leading lines on that one so its blown up nice and big!

What this series is about

singapore is a relatively well known place in terms of economic placement, and we are quite famous for maintaining a clean and green environment (if you would forgive the cliche tag lines). However, the lifestyle and daily lives of singaporeans is (arguably) less documented than our tourist and economic industries. In this series, I hope to, as a local, (for lack of a better word) ‘burst the bubble of doubt” around asian culture. Although my pictures aren’t always the best, I sincerely hope they send some sort of a message across (preferable positive) to viewers. Enjoy the series however you may!

Following are some of the photos that have been posted before, but i would like to include in this series anyways. The latter photos are more recent and are making their premier here.

These are newer photos. The bottom photo, I feel, really strikes home. There is a lot of rumour surrounding what chinese eat, but Pig’s Organ Soup in Singapore is a common sight in Hawker Centers, and this picture of a man eating in front of the stall speaks a lot about what a common sight it is. I assure you it is nothing too disgusting but it might but less experienced taste buds might find the taste and texture a put-off. Should you visit someday, this is something you must try.

I took the following shot on iPhone, thus the quality is not the best. The noise is rather apparent and there is loss of detail in the highlights, but I do really like the whole composition of the photo and what it includes. This, as you might have guessed by now, is a very ciche side view mirror shot. I did not have my camera with me, thus I utilised my phone camera to capture this moment. The bus you see on the left is not a Dublin us as I some have mistaken it for. It is the Singaporean version of it, if you may. A double decker bus (a favourite of mine when I was younger) is a common sight. With the ever increasing population and the ever increasing car tax, more are resorting to public transport. A bus with twice the capacity of a normal bus can really help to speed things up. I feel this shot has everything framed so perfectly, from the endless traffic jams that are omnipresent, to the trees and buildings describing singapore as a industrialised yet green city. I do wish I had better quality on my iPhone Xs though, as this photo was especially nice.

The next few images were taken near a friend’s house, and speak a lot about the housing and residential estates of Singapore. The sight of stairways, dim corridors and sheltered walkways can be found all over the public housing flats of Singapore, no matter where you are.

Below are some rather interesting cloud formations. I believe they’re called Stratus clouds or something along those lines (do correct me if I’m wrong). I did take some shots of pure clouds, but I felt that framing it against some buildings gave the photo a little more context.

That’s all for the first set of photos! I hope you liked my photography and learned something new. Part 2 will be coming soon!


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