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Around Singapore #2

Second addition to my ongoing “Around Singapore” series. This is less of a Black and White street photography theme, and in this set of photos I am focusing on the better known tourist attractions. It is a part of Singapore after all. Although this is less of what I aim to do with this series, I hope this set of photos will fit in just as well as the others, because I love all of them!

The shot below was quite the dangerous photo to take as it was a full service and rather busy road. Luckily, I had my friends around to warn me when there was an incoming car.

It was raining so erm some weird rain artifacts here.

I took the shot below for my history project, as it displayed how much the river has changed over the years. The queer looking structure on the back is the ArtScience museum, and as its name implies it has exhibitions on both art and science. The Duck tours boat highlights how the uses of the Singapore river have changed, from trading ships to tourist (bumboats?).

P.S, if you haven’t seen the previous post on the Around Singapore series, check it out here


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