Hello fellow reader. I created this website to share my photos. I own an Olympus OM-D, Micro Four Thirds. The camera below is not mine btw. (but that is me) Anyhow, I love photography and I hope these photos will pull you into the wonderful world of photography.

I hope you love photography as much as I do cus this site is all about it 🙂

This is my favourite LEGO picture, you can see why

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On grass in Africa

More Safari photos. Its needless to say by mow that the quality is bad but i’m gonna say it. The quality might not be as good because most of these were shot on an IXUS 160.

A yawn

Really good timing on this one. Well as usual the quality isn’t that good. Enjoy!

More Big Cats

As usual, I don’t remember the canon model I took these with. Sorry for the quality again but I do love the cheetah photo, although it has the worst quality.

In the Safari

These photos are quite old, and are not of the best quality, but I do hope you still like them. They were either shot on an IXUS 160 or some other Canon (I can’t remember which).

My take on Olympus 2020

I know it’s old but we have all heard news that Olympus has sold its camera business to Japan Industrial Partners, or JIP for short. JIP is a controversial company, claiming to seek out businesses with potential to buy and improve. However, I’ve heard that they merely juice the company for what it’s worth andContinue reading “My take on Olympus 2020”

A hopper not on grass

A grasshopper, not in grass. On a window actually, and without one leg, if you notice. Both were shot with either the 14-42 EZ or the 70-150 R. The aperture’s not so fast at around F5-F7. Had to increase exposure for this at around +1.7-2. ISO 400. My hand was shaky. Taken with Aperture Priority.Continue reading “A hopper not on grass”

The Rising Sun

Ah… took this with my old IXUS 160. It was by chance it looked so good. I mean, composition wise. There’s a lot of noise especially towards the bottom of the image. Hope you like it!

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